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How To Make Heart Shaped Crayons DIY Craft Activity

Valentine’s Day is more than flowers and candies; it is an opportunity to set aside some extra time to make someone feel even more loved and appreciated … Especially a special child(ren) in your life!

With that in mind, here’s a fun Valentines Day DIY activity for kids and you … Little ones will love the easy to hold hearts and the older kids will enjoy the craft; both will enjoy the time with you! This is how to make heart shaped crayons:  Read more

Homemade Ice Cream Raspberry Banana Healthy Dessert

Love ice cream again without the fat calories …

You can use whichever type of milk is best for you (low fat, almond, coconut, cashew …) and the kids will love this healthy ice cream, too! Give it a try and then come back to comment how you made it and whether you like it or not!

This is a fun one to make with your child(ren) for a Valentine’s Day treat!

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