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He lost 20 pounds with Skinny Fiber!

This weight loss testimony is from a proud mama :) Her adult son has lost 20 pounds with Skinny Fiber.

Juanita says: “Here is my son’s testimony on that slow losing using Skinny Fiber Read more

Angela Lost Weight & Improved Her Health

Skinny Fiber Results Pictures – They Just Don’t Lie!

“The picture on the left was taken the day I started taking Skinny fiber last May. I have always been overweight and was bullied and picked on Read more

86 Pound Weight Loss With Skinny Fiber. Amazing results and keeping them off!

Dramatic 86 Pound Weight Loss Results w/ Skinny Fiber – She Looks Beautiful!!!

I can NOT even put into words how Skinny Fiber has changed my life! I am blown away by the differences, not only in my appearance, but my HEALTH! I just LOVE the new me! I am not at my goal yet, but am getting closer to it EVERY day! I am down 86 pounds in 19 months…. I don’t even FEEL like the same person as in the first pic … does skinny fiber work? … hmmm … l feel safe in saying that if you take it properly AND consistently, than yes, yes it works AMAZING! I have been through a LOT of health issues the past 4-5 years, (thyroid removed, hiatal hernia fixed and part of my tummy removed and overcame so many obstacles), but now that I have FINALLY got them all dealt with, I am starting to live and enjoy life again! no more depression pills or steroids either! LOVES it I do!” ~ Tam Tam

86 Pound Weight Loss Is Amazing!

Losing 86 pounds is quite an accomplishment and Tam Tam deserves her “props” for sure!

In fact, she went on to lose over 100 pounds since this testimonial was posted … See her pictures below? Just Amazing!!!

Almost 100 pounds lost with Skinny FiberPictures after 105 pounds weight loss with Skinny Fiber!

Not all of our customers need to lose this much weight and there are a lot who need to lose so much more. Regardless, Skinny Body Max and Skinny Fiber helps people get better control over their appetite, metabolism and digestive health, so they can accomplish their weight loss goals. Your products come with a weight loss challenge website that helps with tracking pounds and inches lost, fitness and weight loss guide and support.

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Nikkelle lost 20 pounds

Struggling to take off that last 20 pounds or so?

Let this testimonial be motivation for you!

“I wanted to do a follow up on my success with Skinny Fiber. I have been on Skinny Fiber for 5 months and I must admit I was so surprised with my results. I started off weighing 164/165 and wearing roughly a size 12/14. Within weeks I was down in my weight and started seeing the difference in my clothes. The funny thing is I was maybe working out twice a week. Literally eating the same food with a few changes. I decided to get what I called 3D..Dedicated Determined Disciplined and started incorporating a more intense workout to me (running and cardio)I found a workout I enjoy and i changed how I saw and eat food. If i crave a paticular food i eat it..i just don’t over indulge. My new goal was to fit back into a dress that i had made at 17. I feel like a commercial I never thought I could lose 20lbs in 5 monthsor be able to do this but I admit consistency creates change..im currently a happy size 6..Skinny Fiber works AMAZING” ~Nikkelle

Lost More Inches Than Pounds


A little bit of weight loss at first can make sure a HUGE difference in a person’s life. Robyn lost 10 pounds and 22.5 inches in just 28 days. She feels more confident and wonderful … YOU CAN DO THIS for yourself and / or help make this difference in someone’s life.

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Angel lost 37.3 pounds in 19 weeks!

“As I sit here and stare at this photo I am still amazed. When I look in the mirror I still see the girl on the left but when I look at these pictures side my side it becomes so real. I havent seen the scale say 169 since the seventh grade! I am now the same weight that I was when I was 13 years old only this time it’s a healthy 169 instead of an unhealthy one. All of the diets, pills, shakes … all of them NEVER helped me. I thought I was meant to be over weight. I had given up even trying for a couple years. Then a complete stranger offered to help me! I was leery at first so just said no thank you and moved on, but secretly I was watching her group, watching the stories about this “skinny fiber” and after 6 months i gave in and ordered a bottle. That day when I took my first dose of skinny fiber I thought it was a waste of time, I figured just like anything else it was going to be a useless waste of money but then i remembered if it didnt work i could always send it back within my 30 day limit and get my money back. To my suprize I didnt need to return it!! Within my first week I lost 9 pounds!!! 9 pounds in one week!! Before I was lucky if I could lose 9 pounds in 2 months! I have now been on skinny fiber for 19 weeks and have lost 37.3 pounds and over 55 inches in my entire body!! I am so glas I gave skinny fiber the chance. Don’t wait like I did, cause once you start you will wish you would have started sooner.”