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He Lost 20 Pounds With Skinny Fiber – Men Love The Pink Bottle!

He lost 20 pounds with Skinny Fiber!

This weight loss testimony is from a proud mama :) Her adult son has lost 20 pounds with Skinny Fiber.

Juanita says: “Here is my son’s testimony on that slow losing using Skinny Fiber

he could not take the full dose because since he is on meds that are suppose to make his immune system low to not reject kidney. But he lost approx. 20 lbs using it I would say maybe around 3 – 4 months. Which is awesome because one of his meds actually make a person gain weight.”

Yes, Men Love Skinny Fiber, Too!

A lot of people think that Skinny Fiber is just for women, but this could not be further from the truth. Men really do love Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, HiBurn8 and even our skin care products. Check out some of these before and after pictures (below) from men losing weight with us!

Men Love Skinny Fiber and lose weight with it, too!

Make sure to get your hubby / boyfriend his own bottles of Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max the next time you order. It will help you both to do the weight loss challenge together. Just let me know that 2 people are doing the challenge when you reply to my welcome email and I will send you both a login link to use.

Have You Lost 20 Pounds With Skinny Fiber?

Over the past 5 years, a lot of people have lost 20 pounds with Skinny Fiber and the 90 Day Challenge. In fact, a greater portion of people have lost even MORE weight and you can see their testimonials on the other pages of this site and our Facebook Page, too! How Skinny Fiber works for you depends on your body, how consistent you are with using it and any other healthy lifestyle changes that contribute to losing weight naturally.

If you have lost 20 pounds or more with Skinny Fiber, please send a message with your pictures and testimonial. You can get featured here and on Facebook, too!!!!


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