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HiBurn8 – Product Ingredients, Cost / Pricing, How To Buy

How to buy HiBurn8 Night Time Weight Loss Forumla, Product Ingredients, Prices

HiBurn8 is our “berry delicious” nighttime formula that supports your body’s natural healing while helping you destress and get a good night’s sleep. All of these facets contribute to health and weight loss. This is why HiBurn8 perfectly compliments your using Skinny Body Max or Skinny Fiber during the day, so that you have 24/7 weight loss support!

* HiBurn is a liquid formula that you take 2 to 3 hours after dinner each night.
* The ingredients are high quality and with numerous health benefits (see below).
* Each bottle is a 30 day supply that you can order as needed or have sent on autoship.

HiBurn8 Cost / Pricing:

1 Bottle (30 day supply) = $59.96 USD + Shipping
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Bottle of Skinny Body Max = $119.85 USD + Shipping
Buy 3 Get 3 Free Bottles of Skinny Body Max = $179.70 USD + Shipping

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Buy 2 Bottles of HiBurn8 & Get a Free Bottle of Skinny Body Max

Buy 3 Bottles of HiBurn8 & Get 3 Free Bottles of Skinny Body Max

Comes with our 90 Day Challenge that includes a free tracking website, weight loss guide, support as you need it and product guarantee!

HiBurn8 Ingredients & Product Label

How Does HiBurn8 Work for Weight Loss, Stress, Sleep?

This video explains our amazing breakthrough product and how it can help with your weight loss goals, stress and anxiety, insomnia and broken sleep, as well as other health issues like inflammation and benefits of Collagen Hydrolysate for skin, muscle and tissue repair.

Buy HiBurn8 Online Here!

* As with all of our products, HiBurn8 comes with a full empty bottle money back guarantee, as well as a free tracking website with a weight loss guide and personal support from your Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about this new weight loss product!